LGTaste Ai Le Style Fashion Tour takes you to relive the small era

No matter how many ups and downs are experienced, the youth story is still the best in the heart. You can enter Elva's fashionable dresses and take you back in time.

Ai Ai's elegant and chic details of the changes, elegant fabrics, exquisite tailoring work, suitable for modern women's needs and cultural tastes. A mid-to-high-end brand of women's wear designed specifically for women aged 22-36 who are sensitive to fashion and quality, and pursue fashion, personalities and high quality of life.

Ai Shang-Lok brand women's clothing to the franchisee to implement "a small number of batches" of the system to get fast, a variety of small quantities, production and sales of an integrated model of efficiency, to minimize the pressure on franchisees inventory.

Modern Glass Beaker Base Smoking Bongs with Hand Drawn Pattern and High - tem Treated Appliques

Glass beaker bong recognized at a glance is one of the most common style of Glass Bongs . There are many reasons to use a beaker bong. A broader base, for example, greatly reducing the splash.Beaker Bongs is specifically designed to strengthen cooling and filtering. Therefore, beaker bongs usually achieve more smooth taste than Straight Bongs.

Glass Beaker Bongs

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