Phoenix TV together Lang Dai MYMO create high-end fashion culture section "Fengye Air China"

Every Friday 19:25, Phoenix TV together with Lang Dai International, to jointly create high-end fashion culture section "Fengyendawuanzhong China." The collection of the humanities, fashion, life and other information of the "Fengyuan Di Chinese", the lens to follow in the Mainland to host the cultural and fashion travel, creative section of a maverick a wonderful journey, and MYMO has always advocated attitude of life is very fit, Exudes a fascinating cultural temperament.


MYMO is one of the brands of Longandi apparels in Shenzhen. It is derived from the fruits of fashion - Spain. It is specially designed for fashion urban women of 22-40 years old. Its products are the most popular fashion element in Europe and a symbol of Chinese culture. Through the deconstruction of fashion and restructuring, the perfect interpretation of the details of the urban life of women elegant, calm and confident.

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