PPGIRL-JUN elegant girl walking in the time tunnel classic femininity

Has always been a modern fashion, elegant romance but why girls in this summer also began to walk the catastrophic route, no way, fickleness is a woman's nature, this time the elegant girl also want to echo everyone's thoughts, follow the girls Footsteps began a great life. PPGIRL-JUN elegant girl 2013 summer new, single product mix has become a trend, informal mediocre urban women began to open up a shortcut to fashion.


A single product with a lot of stress, in color, style and object size are learned. PPGIRL-JUN elegant girl with this match, the shirt is mainly black, into the diamond, oval and other geometric elements, sleeveless Slim cut metal belt with a sense of style, full of cool. Leggings on the legs of the black tight leggings so that the lines are very thin background, the white side of the sunglasses with the jacket, black high heels and black jewelry, black belt and Leggings phase contrast coordination with both wear out their own Personality style, but also to showcase your skills to wear, beautiful Miya Miya.

PPGIRL-JUN翩翩女孩 走在时光隧道里的经典女人味

Slim casual T-shirt is a must have in summer wild single product, chest personalized patterns can also show a person's taste and character, but also with a bit of fun. Here's a single product with the most simple white T-shirt with a bohemian pleated skirt, looks more common to wear, but with a single product mix together not so simple. Black lace skirt and black elastic waistband each other, black sunglasses, black clutch and high heels these items together into battle, an instant urban casual style come out, not only elegant temperament, but also with a trace of free and easy.

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