A new line of underwear with the love of TA warm autumn and winter

Guangdong new series of Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. The company headquarters is located in the prosperous urban area near CITIC Plaza in Guangzhou Tianhe. With three modern factories and advanced sewing equipment in Shantou, which is known as "Global Underwear Production Base". Products covered underwear, underwear, home service and bra, and other four series, distribution network throughout the country, built more than 2,000 terminals, the brand influence ranked the forefront of the industry. "A new series of" has been pursuing a "single-brand multi-series" marketing strategy, underwear industry is the most abundant fashion brand products.


"Old-fashioned" wine red new wear, really very texture!

新一系内衣 带着TA的爱温暖过秋冬

A new line of underwear with the love of TA warm autumn and winter

Join conditions:
1. To assume the capacity of civil liability for natural persons or independent civil liability corporate body
2. Brand awareness, long-term development vision, the corresponding investment ability and risk awareness
3. New 1 Series "brand has a certain understanding, understanding and recognition of" new 1 Series "brand culture, management mode, business philosophy
4. Apparel or other industries operating experience, with strong brand awareness, the confidence of common development
5. To have a good reputation and goodwill, with the willingness to cooperate, to participate in business management in person, with the company timely feedback market information
6. Application for the opening of the store area and area, monopoly operators require a certain purchase of funds and liquidity
7. Requirements in the main area of ​​the business district
8. In strict accordance with the "new 1 Series" headquarters to provide "a new line of Monopoly image design specifications" for in-store decoration, arrange indoor and outdoor advertising posters light boxes.
9. To accept the "new 1 Series" system training and management guidance;
10. Line "New 1 Series" provides the price system, services and regional protection and other market policies.

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