Warmly congratulate Gansu Lanzhou WISEMI children's clothing store grand opening

Refreshing October brought good news, WISEMI children's clothing opened in Lanzhou, Gansu, the company's staff warmly congratulate the new store made a good start. WISEMI brand children's clothing style simple and full of fashion sense, full of artistic qualities and other characteristics. Opening celebration, Welcome! In-store overview WISEMI is about to bring beauty and style to children here. WISEMI has always brought a unique wearing experience for children (0-3 years old infants, 1-4 years old children, 7-12 years old large children), taking full account of children's wearing comfort and environmental protection. Through the subtle inspiration of WISEMI brand, will enhance the children's taste, taste, temperament and self-cultivation. Shanghai friends are welcome to Lanzhou, Gansu WISEMI children's clothing shop favorite favorite children's clothing, children's new beautiful fashion and confidence.

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