Low-key luxury, high-profile taste Rongyue 2012 autumn and winter investment

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Yung Yue woman poet's passion and artistic creativity in one, with the urban woman in dress different from the desire for the pursuit of fashion and fashion as the driving force, the spirit of pleasure and cultural connotation of the perfect blend into the most fashionable and most dazzling Of the flash point, travel in the bright, bright, charming, playful fashion colors, exquisite, beautiful, elegant, charm, showing a high taste of the mature spirit,

低调的奢华、高调的品味 相约容悦2012年秋冬招商

In the publicity of romantic feelings, the interpretation of simple, smooth, rhyme color brand style. Individuality without publicity, the fusion of classic and soul, interpretation of the urban women's beauty and self-confidence. With the freedom and flexibility of innovation, demonstrating · Guerlain Poetry Man () brand women's dreamlike charm, this is the capacity of women's brand Yue LOYER spirit: a low-key luxury, high-profile taste!

Advantages of joining

1 , a strong brand effect and well-known advertising support;

2 , Unique marketing concept and strategy support, smoothly enter the market and earn profits;

3 , a mature online shopping brand, a large number of loyal customers;

4 , the regional market protection measures to ensure the stability of tourists;

5 , free access to headquarters posters, posters, pictures and other promotional materials;

6 , super design lineup, efficient production capacity;

7 , to complete the different sales objectives and tasks to get the headquarters of the rebate;

8 , a strong sales management system support, a comprehensive grasp of the analysis of data.

9 , provide high profit margins, provide a full range of promotional support;

10 , advanced management experience, systematic guidance and training;

11, to provide comprehensive and systematic support, such as the application configuration, all kinds of training, promotional items, management programs, related consulting;

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