Sports shoes brand differentiation route planning market new road

Recently, Nike released its fourth-quarter financial report, showing that the sales revenue of the Chinese market in this quarter had a downward trend, which was 3.9% lower than the third quarter. Peak Sports issued a profit warning, saying that as of the end of June this year and the end of the end of December and the end of December, the comprehensive net profit will decrease significantly year-on-year, mainly due to the industry's extensive inventory adjustment and weak economic conditions this year. Peak is the successor to Li Ning. The second profit warning sporting goods company after the profit warning was issued.

From 2000 to 2002, it was the initial stage of the sports shoes and clothing industry. From 2002 to 2005, it was in the development stage and the period from 2005 to 2008 reached its peak. After more than ten years of development in the sports footwear industry, each sports brand wants to increase its own market share. Each year, it produces a super-negative amount. The production of sports shoes and clothing far exceeds the market demand. Therefore, regardless of Is the international brand or domestic brand, inventory backlog has become a big problem.

Sports shoe industry shuffled, small and medium-sized shoe companies or those who were eliminated from the industry said that China's sports footwear industry really entered the reshuffle stage, just like international brands, shuffling until the last remaining Nike, Adidas and other international brands. Zheng Chengda, general manager of the US Beatles International Holdings Co., Ltd. believes that the current sports shoes industry can only profitable big brands, mature brands, customers, and more outlets, you can rely on the scale of profitability, can truly do not shine bright in the West, The anti-risk ability of the ship can be reflected at this time.

Jiang Wenjun, director of operation of Bubugao’s footwear brand division, believes that “the decline of the sports market is actually a wrong signal. From a health point of view, with the improvement of living standards, people’s health awareness will become stronger and health will not decline. There is no doubt that health means exercising.The cake in the sports market has never been reduced. It is only the impact between the plate and the plate, the impact of big brands on small and medium brands, the conflicts between regional markets and The impact between different shoe companies, such as the shoe market, is impacting the sports market."

The market is bad, but it does not represent the depression of the entire industry. The entire sporting goods industry is still expanding madly, and annual sales are still rising. For big brands, it is an opportunity. Most of them are big brands that make profits, and the competition between small and medium brands is bad. After the market has been shuffled, SMEs will be eliminated. This is a law of competition. Only a high degree of competition in the industry can eliminate small businesses, and the entire industry can mature.

"At this stage, medium-sized enterprises face the most serious problems, and they are unable to get up and down. It is difficult to ride a tiger. Large enterprises have strong anti-risk capabilities, and small business vessels are better. Uh, Chinese characters are profound, 'big' words, and two points are on the ground. It is stable; there is only one bar in the middle of the word 'zhong', there is no support point on both sides, there is no way to balance; the 'small' word, there are two points next to it, how much can reach balance." Cheng Chengda said.

The transformation of small and medium-sized sports shoes enterprises, differentiated positioning is the core encounter the recession of the sports market, many small and medium-sized sports shoes enterprises have transformed, seeking to break the road. Guohui CBA put forward the concept of "fashion life"; Hongxing Wodengka said that the proportion of casual wear in the future will gradually expand, while the share of professional sports will gradually decrease; famous footwear, transformed by the movement of fashion and leisure, take the European style ......

In this regard, Jiang Wenjun believes that if they have the qualifications, they will insist on doing a good job in the sports market. It is even more meaningless if companies fail to do a good job in the sports market after the sports market has not declined. The most important thing is for enterprises to create Own core competitiveness. However, the current consumer demand for sports products has increased, demanding fashion, and fashion may be fancy, may be simple, simple symbol outline, comprehensive use of color, etc., whether the company can realize this is critical.

As for the transformation of small and medium-sized sportswear enterprises, Zheng Chengda said that where the transformation is being turned is a test for enterprises. First, the accumulation of contacts and the breadth of information sources are crucial. Information will determine the direction of the future of an industry. Other companies are suitable to do does not mean that it is also suitable for the transformation of enterprises, so we must integrate a variety of information. Business owners can only understand how their brand is positioned if they have collected vast amounts of information and are market-oriented. "Only the difference with the strong can be coexisted with the strong." For example, Anta is the leader of the sports field, Qibohui is the leader of the youth, the camel is the youngest leader of the outdoors, and the seven wolves are the boss of the clothing. If only following the trend, the company will only follow suit. There is no way to make it bigger. Market competition is weak and there are business opportunities for projects that are in demand.

Second, we must be bold, decisive, and persevere; in addition, we must have clear ideas and develop a business model.

The external factors such as channels and agents are not a problem under the premise of product positioning and clear thinking of the main business. In China, customers do not have problems. If there are no customers, the products may not be able to do well. Therefore, the most important thing is to look at products that can be provided to customers.

When shoe companies broke through and aimed at the tidal shoe market, when the sports market entered the stage of deep adjustment, the tidal shoe market was quietly rising. "Fast fashion, tidal shoes, sneaker shoes, odd shoes library, tidal shoes library..." These words are the more frequent words recently exposed. Many small businesses that used to do sports shoes and clothing transformed themselves into fashion brands. There are also some entrepreneurs who are targeting the tidal shoes market and want to get a share from it.

According to the reporter’s visit to related companies, there are some small and medium-sized tidal brand names such as the Beatles, Backgammon and Bullfighting Tribes.

1. Beetle, positioning the front of the market, fashion shoes, to create tide shoes field "odd shoe library." Different strategies will be adopted to avoid competition. This year will introduce new styles such as jelly shoes, tied soles and twine shoes.

2. KFT foot king is also positioned tidal shoes, to create "tide shoes library" as the goal.

3. Step-by-step shoes positioning shoes, promote the creation of stylish casual shoes for young and middle-aged, which is a style between Guangdong and Wenzhou shoes, is a new trend of fashion. In fact, the style of this shoe is not the first one. It has appeared two years ago. It is one of the big brand product lines. Like Aokang, this series is very popular in Aokang and other big brands.

4. The bullfighting tribe aims to build Uniqlo in the field of cloth shoes. The style of the product is based on Spanish exoticism.

5. Si Kaitu positioned stylish casual canvas shoes, joined the "fast fashion" concept to 80,90 after the main consumer groups, not a single product canvas shoes, but do a variety of canvas shoes.

Shoes field or testable water "fast fashion"

With the development of the fashion industry, the apparel industry's ZARA, H&M, etc. have introduced the concept of “fast fashion” and promoted the garment industry to embark on the road of rapid development. The so-called "fast fashion" mainly includes three aspects: the speed of new products, parity, and keeping up with fashion trends. Under the leadership of the apparel industry, there are many companies in the footwear field that have played the "fast fashion" concept. So, can the fast fashion in the footwear field really be done?

In this regard, Cheng Cheng-da said that fast fashion will be a development direction, but the maturity of the shoes itself is worse than clothing, clothing development industry chain is longer, many clothing brands rely on group goods to increase the diversity of goods in the early period, the apparel market goods Many styles and more, but the shoes themselves are less style goods, with more frequent replacement of clothes, shoes replacement than clothing, clothes may need to spend thousands of a year, and shoes may only need a few hundred, so shoes The field may have "fast fashion," but execution is worse than clothing. Nowadays, new brands in the market advocate hunger marketing. Today, hunger marketing is fast fashion, and “fast” is used to make up for deficiencies in the structure of goods.

Fast fashion industry needs to rely on buyers, and test the company's supply chain operations and product planning capabilities. To take the fast fashion route, we should devote more energy to the research and development of products. In the operation of big brands, we have dedicated development directors to collect information from the market, and then analyze, locate, revisit, and finally make a brand that meets our needs. Featured product. In small companies, product development is led by the boss, and there are certain limitations in product development. The fashion industry is always the latest, and fashion needs innovation. It will become traditional after a long time. Companies need to have a sense of innovation. At the same time, small businesses need to have awareness of product planning.

At present, the sports shoes market has entered a period of deep adjustment, and many small and medium-sized sports shoe companies have been forced to make transitions. The tidal shoe market is quietly rising. Whether the tidal wave shoe industry rises will also cause a certain degree of impact on the sports shoe market. It is worth thinking about sports shoe clothing enterprises. Whether new sports tactics need to be introduced or not will replace the sports shoe market.

Conversely speaking, the market for tidal shoes is relatively small compared to the market for sports shoes, and the market gap is relatively large. However, the operation of tidal shoes cannot be referenced. It can only be a matter of crossing the river by feeling the stones. Therefore, it needs to be controlled by each enterprise. Success depends on the judgment of the company.

Of course, as more and more companies join the ranks of tidal shoe brand building, whether the tidal shoe market can create a resemblance to the sneakers market once again, whether it will eventually encounter serious homogeneity of the sports shoe market. Wait and see.

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