Golden Sun: The principle of bedroom fabric color tone selection

Abstract: There are many varieties of textile and decorative articles in the room. Many people pay attention to the design and decoration while paying attention to an important factor in the purchase of a single piece of textiles, that is, the overall coordination of the living room. In order to make the decorative cloth harmonious and beautiful, Jin Sun bedding experts must pay attention to the following three aspects.

Keywords: home decoration fabric color gold sun, the main color. Use a large area of ​​decorations such as curtains, wall coverings, carpets, bedding, etc., combined with the color of the furniture to determine a main color. The gold sun bedding expert said: "The main color is the first impression. It is necessary to avoid excessive and complex color contrast and prevent the unification of the whole." Based on one color, other colors must obey this dominant color.

Second, accompanying color. It is the color that plays a role in the main color tone. Generally speaking, each room should have a fun center, which means that the focus of the room is highlighted, so that people can be attracted to it as soon as they enter your room. For example, the layout of the bedroom can be centered on the bed, that is, the color of the textile decorative articles on the bed can be bright and rich; the reception room can be centered on the sofa, that is, the color of the textile decorations such as the sofa cover and the coffee table cloth can be rich and colorful.

Third, the dotted color. Embellished with a finishing touch, it is often used for small areas of textile decorations. When wall coverings, curtains, carpets, etc. are already in a harmonious and uniform color, TV sets, pillow covers, etc. can be used in bright, bright, and contrasting colors. The effect of this method is as beautiful as the same music with both high and low sound, but the dotted color can't be used too much, one or two.

Golden Sun Bedding Expert Tip: As far as the general habits are concerned, several large textile decorations such as curtains, wall coverings and carpets have their own characteristics in color. Wall cloth is generally not suitable for bright colors, but a light, soft and cold hue should be used. Such as apple green, pink green, lake blue and other colors.

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