Golden Sun: Children's mat, are you right?

Abstract: The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Should parents consider a mat for their baby? Golden Sun Bed Specialist Special Note: Even a small mat can not be sloppy!

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Below, the Golden Sun Bedding Specialist introduces the key points of attention when choosing a child's mat through several common cases.

Case number one:

The pea mother bought a straw mat for the peas. After a few days of sleeping, the peas were always itchy. My mother took a closer look and found a few erythema on the legs of the peas. The dermatologist told the pea mother that the peas were probably allergic to the mat. After the pea mother wiped the ointment to the peas and replaced it with the linen mat, the erythema on the peas slowly disappeared.

Etiology analysis: mat allergy. A mat made of rope, shackles, and grass is more susceptible to allergies, especially those with a history of skin allergies.

Golden Sun expert tips: It is best not to use this kind of mat that is easy to become an allergen, and choose a bamboo mat, rattan, linen and other mats that are not easy to be allergic. Once an allergy occurs, first replace the mat, get rid of allergens, and treat the baby under the guidance of a doctor.

Case 2:

The weather suddenly heated up. It was sweaty at night, and I couldn’t sleep well. My mother quickly took out the mat of last year and put it on the round. She only slept safely. But the next morning, Yuanyuan found a pimples on her round arm and went to the doctor with a round. The doctor diagnosed the dermatitis caused by the bite of the mites.

Etiology analysis: "seal dermatitis" caused by mites bite.

Golden Sun expert tips: Before using the mat for the first time each year, the mat must be sterilized by high temperature (hot water scalding) and then exposed to the sun to kill the mites and their eggs that are not easily visible to the naked eye. In the course of use, it is necessary to "wash once a day, dry it every week." Once the "mat dermatitis" occurs, you should not take it at your fingertips. You should take your baby to the hospital.

Case 3:

Meng Meng is particularly afraid of heat, and the mats and rattan seats are still sweating. Dad specially asked someone to order a mahjong mat according to the size of the cot, and lay down to cool, really comfortable! However, after driving the air conditioner for one night, it sprouted cold and began to diarrhea.

Etiology analysis: The baby's nervous system is not yet mature, the body temperature regulation function is weak, and the adaptability to cold and heat is poor. The mahjong mat itself is cooler, and the air conditioner is turned on. The baby is of course easy to catch cold!

Golden Sun expert tips: children should not use too cold mahjong seats, if you use, then do not open the air conditioner, or when the weather is a little cold, remove the mat in time, or cover the baby when sleeping, cover the quilt, then wear Thin trousers to protect against cold diarrhea.

Case 4:

Kiki is a naughty little boy who likes to climb and climb in bed. After laying a new mat, my mother found that Qiqi’s knees were always red, and sometimes there were shallow scratches, which could make my mother feel bad!

Etiology analysis: The new mat is relatively hard, the surface is not very smooth, the baby's skin is delicate, it is easy to be scratched by the mat.

Golden Sun expert tips: pick a good texture, smooth and thorn-free mat; when used, the surface of the mat is wrapped with gauze to prevent scratching the skin; gauze is often changed, the mat is often scrubbed. It is found that the baby's skin is scratched and scratched by the mat. First, check whether there are burrs in the wound and leave it in the skin. If so, first remove the burrs and then disinfect with alcohol cotton balls to prevent skin infection.

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