Kaki House Love Evening much attention from the former Vice Minister of Culture visit the scene

On the evening of June 12, 2012, organized by Guangzhou Kakayu Fashion Co., Ltd., China Children's Culture and Arts Foundation, China Social Welfare Education Foundation and Beijing Light Love School co-organized " House Miles red scarf family "caring party success. Shi Qinghua, president of Light Love School, and Mr. Ni Congjing, general manager of Kachi House photo Shi Qinghua, principal of Guangaiai School, came to the scene of Kagaya Love Party with his children. Before the meeting, Miss Chen Jinling, the design director of Kakayu House, expressed her sincere condolences to the students of K-Love School and came forward to say their ideal career. Light love school children and Kathy House Design Director cordial conversation It is understood that the Chinese Children Arts and Culture Foundation, the former Vice Minister Zhang Yuesheng also visit the party scene, and general manager of Kay House Mr. Ni Congjing, Design Director Miss Chen Jinling conducted in-depth conversations, and expressed great appreciation for the Kach House has always been for children's charity. Zhang Yuesheng, vice president of Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation for Children, former vice minister of Ministry of Culture Zhang Kaisheng, general manager and design director of Kakayama House Guangzhou Kakayu Fashion Co., Ltd. has always been enthusiastic about charity and charity since its establishment, , Hope Project of Guangdong Province, students in poor mountainous areas made many donations in the form of donations of cash or clothing, etc., and also formed long-term support objects with Huaiji County Hope Project and established the "Heart-to-Heart Foundation" , Long-term fixed-point Huaiji poor children in various forms of donations. The establishment of "Kagaya Red Scarf Caring House" marks the further sublimation of Kagaya's caring career. With great love and no love, it transmits love with action and impresses the world with love.

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Pet Beds,Soft Pet Bed,Round Pet Bed,Comfortable Pet Bed2Pet Beds,Soft Pet Bed,Round Pet Bed,Comfortable Pet Bed


Pet Beds

Pet Beds,Soft Pet Bed,Round Pet Bed,Comfortable Pet Bed


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