jmendel2011 early spring sexy ballet series

GillesMendel , the fifth generation descendant of the J. Mendel brand, designed the costume for the New York City Ballet's solo ballet "CallMeBen." The play is played by Jenifer Ringer, the principal dancer of the New York City Ballet, taken from the story of a real life mafia (the movie was made in 1991 with the movie "Bugsy" Best Costume Design Award), Jenifer Ringer plays the actress VirginiaHill.


This costume series has also been J. Mendel developed into the brand's 2011 spring series. Mendel said: "The ballet is very elegant and beautiful when it comes to action, designing a ballet dancer's costume is equivalent to designing for their dance." Ringer said: "The costumes Gilles designed for us are not too much like normal shows Wear clothes, but like to dress us as attractive beautiful woman.When you are wearing a very beautiful, you will feel walking is different, dancing is not the same, it is a very different Feeling. "


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