CK Jeans advertisements refer to the alleged hint game

Calvin Klein Jeans (CJK) 2009 Costumes This ad at Grandview Place is said to have been banned in Australia due to "Too Wide". A sexy girl with long hair scattered messy, head lying half naked man's private parts Near; another man at the same time close to her intended to kiss, and the girl at the moment also with the lifted body underwear. "This one with a" three-person game, "means the screen turned out to be a jeans ad, Guangzhou citizens dispute. Parents say "picture is a bit excessive" Question: "Ads are banned" there is speculation in the suspicion 10, the reporter in good square CK jeans store a long time and found that some people passing by only dare to use the eyes of the light to sweep the billboard. Ms. Huang, a child with a home, said: "Such a picture is a bit too far for clothing advertisements and the children have not read it badly." Mr. Li, who passed by, also said: "Now that the middle school students are already very mature, they dare to try and see this Of the ads, they will have any reaction, even our adults blush ah. "There are also some passers-by that simply do not understand what advertising this product is advertised, can not be associated with the jeans. Why is this advertisement grandly located in Guangzhou's shopping mall? CK jeans clerk told reporters: "Our company put this ad, no one is not allowed for the moment." It is revealed that in 2009, a CK clothing ads, the same two men and a woman kissing, naked, lingering expression, Some people think that "has more than ambiguous sexually suggestive of ... ..." However, advertising and marketing company Mr. Liang Xuanming said: "CK ads from 2009 was banned in the United States to be banned in Australia this year, for the hype topic as Marketing CK may be very happy. The purpose of advertising is to expand the impact of reverse communication sometimes can also attract the attention of consumers.

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