Furman's women create the elegance of urban career women

Furman's women's brand overall style of intellectual elegance, business and leisure. Integration of the essence of Eastern and Western apparel culture, conform to the changes in the trend, the use of superb techniques, to create the urban elegance of professional women.


Founded in 2003, Nanjing Youwuyan Garments Co., Ltd. is located in Xinxing Technology Development Zone in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is a brand women's enterprise integrating professional design, production, planning and sales. After just a few years of rapid development, the company already has dozens of large-scale sales outlets, sales in Jiangsu Province, the forefront of domestic sales in the same industry, has been widespread concern within and outside the industry.

The company always adhere to the market-oriented service concept, forward-looking design style, superb technology, unique mode of operation and strong operational capacity and scientific and humane management model, its brand "YWY UF", "FUMNDEver Man's "not only integrates the essence of the eastern and western clothing culture, but also shows the style consistent with the pace of development of the times, stylish and elegant image, subtle and unobtrusive personality, pure and restrained temperament drive the steady pace of business , The standard and unified image of the terminal has developed into a management network of department stores and specialty stores. Company rigorous and pragmatic style of modern management and unity and cooperation in the operation of the integrated team, for the brand off and laid a solid foundation!

弗曼的女装 缔造出都市职业女性的优雅气质

Join conditions
1, the shop must be located in the local bustling commercial street, women's gathering area or large shopping malls floor.
2, the store area of ​​50 square meters (80 square meters of the best shop) above, the facade signs more than 5 meters wide.
3, shopping malls area of ​​40 square meters in the side cabinets, secondary side cabinets, Nakajima must at least one side of the high back wall.
4, with a certain degree of business management and considerable economic strength, and can personally participate in shop management.

Affiliate Support
1, a number of successful operation of the shop experience.
2, a good market research and store (counters) site selection advice, join the professional investment return analysis.
3, professional management guidance and business training, a unified brand image management.
4, the implementation of preferential swap methods, effective inventory management and timely promotion, to minimize operational risk.
5, to obtain the right to operate the designated area, to avoid vicious competition and protect the interests of investors Reseller purchase index of 300,000 companies a year to return 20 million purchase price.
Regional agents each year to purchase 300,000 return 18,000 payment.
Provincial agents every year to purchase 300,000 return 15,000 payment.

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