Sweet dream purple, perfect for the romantic moment!

If Valentine's Day has a color, we will give it a dream purple, because it is sweet and mysterious, easy and not artificial, and the most important thing is its inherent romantic qualities. The ancient Romans believed that purple symbolizes elegance and elegance. Pantone, the international color authority, selected purple as the representative color of the year. The Italian designer brand esons introduced a series of purple shades of different colors in the 2014 quarter to dye our vision. Deep and deep noble purple exudes its own unique charm. Although the styles are different, they have a different kind of calm and tranquility.

Dream Violet is indeed the leader of the 2014 season. From dresses to dresses to shoulder bags to pleated skirts to jackets, they are everywhere. Then why not use the various pink new products that just put on the shelves to create a romantic look, it will surely add luster to the perfect date for Valentine's Day.

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