Underwear bra should be how to properly match with the coat

What underwear means for a woman, I think fashion women understand that a suitable underwear is more important to women, learn to bloom themselves, with their own style, color, at the same time, coordination of outer and outer clothing with the coat As important as the match, women do these will be more perfect combination of fashion and underwear. Underwear can also show a woman more beautiful and extraordinary temperament, but also to show the quality of the wearer. Those who love, Triumph, Sissi and other underwear brand women, more emphasis on the choice of underwear.

Underwear and coat colors

Light-colored or translucent appearance to choose near color underwear Everyone thinks that the light pink, white and translucent dress in summer and autumn, the most secure to wear white bra, not with the wrong color. In fact, wrong. Pure white underwear in light-colored and translucent fabric will be very prominent. Wearing underwear, to shape without leaving traces of the best. Pink, light yellow and other warm colors and translucent exterior, wear close to the flesh-colored underwear for the best.

Tender color system to choose light-colored underwear Tender color refers to those light-colored elements in bright colors and no gray color factors, such as yellow-green, orange, orange, yellow goose, tender powder and other colors. This type of dress to wear bright and lovely, lovely. Pure white underwear with it is good.

Underwear and coat models with

Underwear needs not only with the body and mood, but also in different occasions with the appropriate coat is also crucial. Only with the coat design, materials and wear occasions to choose underwear, in order to reflect the taste and training dress.
Underwear tips

Buy underwear must try on. Only "stickers" on the body, we can see whether the appropriate models. I used to buy a bra that looks very delicate, the result is not exactly the same thing, because I was too thin, no content, simply can not pick it up. So long a lesson: did not try on underwear must not buy. Not try on the underwear must also not be bought.

Do not buy small underwear to buy. Because buying a small not only wearing uncomfortable, Le uncomfortable, but also undermine the hip curve.

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