From wine table philosophy to sales skills

[China Glass Network] I believe everyone has had a drink of Coke, but everyone knows that Coke has another use, that is:

Persuade the wine!

I had dinner with a few friends a few days ago.

A buddy said: Resolutely do not drink!

Ask the reason, only to know that the plan is for children.

In order to get a smart child, my wife strictly forbids drinking.

If you drink alcohol, you should wash the bowl for a month.

However, there is still a person on the wine table, especially who loves to drink, and also loves to persuade the wine. He is anxious when he does not drink on the wine table.

But the buddy who advised and persuaded not to drink was not to drink.

So the buddy who advised the wine was in a hurry.

When the buddy who did not drink went to the bathroom, I realized that the buddy who had been drinking alcohol and the other buddy on the wine table had bet that if everyone could drink, then the buddy would pay the bill, if there was one who would not drink If this, the buddy who advised the wine will bleed.

I know that later, I laughed and said: I have a way, you can't listen.

The buddy who advised the wine said that if you have a way to let him drink, then I will invite everyone to drink KTV after drinking!

So I told him my way. ---

When the buddy who didn't drink was back, the buddy who advised the wine said, if you really don't want to drink, we don't force it, you special circumstances!

(First relieve the pressure on the other side, let his heart be alert)

But today, so many friends get together, this is really rare, shouldn't you have to say it?

The buddy who did not drink quickly said: Then I will respect everyone with tea and wine!

Advise the wine brother to say without hesitation: It can't be done, the tea is too hot to dry, and you need to find a substitute like wine.

(Because it is like wine, so the buddies who don’t drink are more relaxed, just don’t drink anyway)

So, the buddies who don't drink, said: What do you say about me and what?

Advise the wine brother to say: Then drink a drink, so that there is an atmosphere, drinks can be with us. If you drink alcohol, consider your special situation and have a drink. But if you drink, how much beer we have, how much you have to drink.

(I believe everyone knows that drinks, especially cola and so on, really can't drink too much. People who can drink 5.6 bottles of beer often can't drink a few bottles of beverages, because beer diuretic is quickly discharged.)

The buddy who doesn't drink said: Ok, count you, if you drink, I will accompany you!

So the buddy who asked the wine asked for three bottles of 2 liters of cola. After the buddies who didn't drink, they wanted to give the other buddies down. They said: Coke is too much, I can't finish it myself, everyone will come.

However, all the buddies do not want to, and said that this thing has a spermicidal function, men can not drink.

After listening to this buddy, I looked surprised and asked quickly, really, don’t you lie to me?

We said that this is true, the professor at Yale University has studied it!

The buddy is busy saying, then I don't drink, and then pointed to the buddy who advised the wine, how do you give me this drink, and give me a drink.

The buddy who advised the wine said: Can't change, a glass of beer or three bottles of cola, you choose, after hard choices, plus our flicker:

Haha, there are some sales feelings :)

There is nothing in a beer;

But how much impact does the three bottles of cola have on men?

(Be sure to give the customer a range that can be compared. Take a different product and compare it with your product. If you want to choose one of the customers and limit the range, it is easy to make the transaction successful.)

After a bottle of beer is finished, what is the reaction, using tea to gargle, eating a xylitol, can not smell the wine.

(Reducing customer concerns, reducing customer buying risk and facilitating their closing)

It’s rare that so many friends get together, so be together and have a drink, don’t know when to meet next time. You mean, everyone is happy. (Strengthen the other party's perception of the atmosphere)

However, it is much more harmful to drink these colas than to drink a beer (enhanced pain).

Haha, can a beer affect your eugenics? I don't believe that you were massive at the time.

(To praise customers, let customers step on stilts, strive to highlight customers, let customers become protagonists and deciders, create a relaxed and happy sales atmosphere)

In the end, our buddy still did not stand the test of his wife, drank a cup, and then because of happiness, drink a few more cups :)

This is just a small example of life. It tells us that the salesperson has a reason. Sometimes, don’t let the customer’s thoughts be boundless. You have to give him a specific scope, a clear comparable object, and let him fall into the “choice trap” of either or both. . I hope this sales technique can give you some inspiration.

At this time, sales may be half successful.

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