According to Minu fashion casual dress store opened in Wenzhou, Henan Xinxiang Commercial Street

EMINU "by m slave" fashion casual dress Xinxiang City, Henan Province, Wenzhou Commercial Street store opened! According to the slave will be high-quality fashion products, affordable prices for the people of Xinxiang bring avant-garde and elegant young fashion to enjoy the trend of fashion to create clubs, interpretation of the modern city of the popular wave. EMINU is a high-grade fashion apparel brand successfully operated by Dongguan Xingda Industrial Co., Ltd. It is also one of the few domestic design, development, large-scale production, market Marketing, brand management, management services in one of the major modern garment enterprises in the country has more than 2,000 stores. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has been developing towards the goal of "building the No.1 brand of fashion apparel in China". In the domestic apparel industry, it has taken the lead in introducing the franchise model and taking the brand chain operation. With "solid strength, quality products, perfect service, a unified image" has won the recognition and recognition of our customers, consumers have a high reputation. In 2011, EMINU contrarian, ushered in a new round of peak expansion, the number of franchise stores to climb again and again, the number of new orders hit record highs. In the same year, the addition of Yang Mi laid the foundation for the development of the new EMINU brand. In 2012, EMINU will extend the development of new EMINU brand on the basis of the original brand to further enhance the added value of the product and allow EMINU brand to enter the sustainable development track. According to Mi Nuoxi fashion casual dress brand store in Wenzhou City, Henan Province, Xinxiang brand strategy: ① "to the main line and the combination of fast fashion and fashion trend of combining the two legs to walk way - to ensure that meet the individual needs of consumers , But also to provide customers with more choices; ② to high-quality products - bright colors, bold, simple style, natural, pure fabric, high-grade, fully demonstrated the origin of the brand; ③ rapid response - fashion sense touch fast , Sensitive, accurate and timely information collection, design, skilled, excellent, efficient logistics and distribution, high-speed, embodies the brand avant-garde fashion; ④ to the people of the price - the price is only 70% of similar brands to ensure that franchisees to obtain greater Business opportunities and profits; ⑤ to franchisee mode - take the brand chain management.

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