Han honey women tell you: to do before joining venture preparation

Entrepreneurs have opened in joining after shop idea, first of all to be calm and objectively make a comprehensive assessment of their own. In the choice of joining the project, we must conscientiously study and collect relevant information, can not impulse, one-sided to listen to some exaggerated advertising. Before investing in the project to be prepared, the following suggestions, hoping to be helpful to my friends.


First, the assessment of personal ability first

The evaluation of individual competence includes: whether it is suitable for a full-time management manager who undertakes all management work and daily business activities independently; whether he has good learning ability and adaptability, receives professional training in the system and accepts unified management and supervision; Whether there is sufficient financial capacity to invest and assume the risks and losses that may arise.

Second, carefully choose to join the brand

When you choose to join the store, you need to seriously investigate and collect relevant information, do not impulse, one-sided to listen to some exaggerated advertising. Focus should be from the following aspects to consider:

1, the franchise's brand: Select a mature franchise brand, a certain degree of visibility, can greatly reduce the investment risk.

2, with characteristics of business: unique franchise stores can reduce the risk of vicious competition and improve the chance of success.

3, system management training: mature joining system has a good management system, can reduce operational errors. Mature joining system includes pre-training and continuous training; supervisory system of operation and management system and execution process; continuity and effectiveness of marketing and customer management; systematic support for day-to-day operations such as manpower, material and financial resources and so on.

4, the conditions of joining requirements: usually first of all have to take into account the return on investment, not the lower the price the better the franchise, the key is the franchise into the store can bring long-term stable income.

5, place of business choice: There can not be too many competitors around, the same affiliate system should be separated from the operating area of ​​the appropriate distance.

Third, the precise calculation of return on investment

1, the odds of success: To examine the other state franchise system operating conditions, if a franchise system appears shut down the case, you must be cautious; if a franchise system appears multiple shut down the case, whether it is self-management errors , Or other reasons should consider giving up.

2, to join the threshold: If a franchise to join the threshold is low, there is no requirement, as long as the franchise fee can join and business, this situation must think twice before, in fact, this is basically a sell name Business, franchisees almost no access to any professional training and management, technical, personnel, financial support.

3, management system: If an affiliate system can not provide very specific affiliate planning, pre-training and on-the-job retraining, as well as a sound management system and back-up mechanism, a detailed specification of the business operations manual, stable and standardized supply system, etc. Affiliate system are not considered.

4, the cost of joining: The most important thing is to see the return on investment, with reference to the return rate of other franchise stores. Usually each franchisee has its own franchise fee standard, under normal circumstances is not bargaining.

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