Mary Quant brand underwear so that women have a memorable elegance

Beautiful inadvertently quietly, dressed in Mary Kurt brand underwear to enjoy a natural love. In 2012, Mary Quant brand underwear is the grand launch of the "curvy" new adjustable underwear series, using the world's top science and technology tailored to oriental women, will be more elegant posture to the public.


Mary Kurt underwear 2012 spring and summer new products

mallykua with pearl moisturizing fiber + far infrared and magnetic massage as well as Japan imported silk protein, radiation protection, sweat, breathable, warm in winter and cool materials, each product is Mary Quant combined with Asian women's body features carefully Design, Seiko make ends meet. Cater to the successful aesthetic taste of women in society, so that women wear attractive charm, reflecting the extraordinary taste. Underwear is a woman who can read, because it is worn in the nearest woman's heart. As a woman's girlfriend can remember a woman's every heartbeat, but also toggle every single woman's heart. Caring allows women to remain unscrupulous self-confidence, exquisite can make women have aftertaste elegance.

玛丽匡特品牌内衣 让女人拥有回味无穷的优雅

Mary Kurt underwear 2012 spring and summer new products

Mary Marina is not just to provide quality products, but also provide a full range of sales and after-sales service. A very good interpretation of the Mary Quant brand of love for the majority of women, each product is mallykuat combined with the characteristics of Asian women's body design, Seiko made deliberate efforts. Let you wear out your charming charm, reflecting your extraordinary taste. The company attaches great importance to the feeling of wearing the product, comfort and effectiveness, and take effective measures.

玛丽匡特品牌内衣 让女人拥有回味无穷的优雅

Mary Kurt underwear 2012 spring and summer new products

Mary Marina is your right choice to make money, the vast market of small profits, high profits, more money, with continuous product development and technical support functions. An endless stream of popular new products, based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, and strive to create a unique Chinese Mary Kuang brand.

Product name: MMA Shorts

Fabric/Material: 100%Poly fabric,160gsm-300gsm. Durable,fit,soft, quick dry.

Logo: Sublimation Printing--No fading, Never wash off, No color limit, No upcharges.

Design: Customized design, your desings are welcomed.

Labels: Woven/printed/sublimated label, custom design

Sample time: 7-10 days

Standard packing: 1pcs/polybag,70pcs/carton,carton size:60*35*30CM. 

Delivery time: 3-5days(10-200pcs),6-20days(500-2000pcs),21-35days(above 2000pcs)

MMA Shorts

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