Crouch snake brand children's clothing: committed to the new new children's fashion clothing cultural transmission

Interpretation of the "warhead" snake brand children's clothing 2011 autumn fashion vogue of my pretty childhood, and is committed to the new new children's fashion clothing culture spread! As the saying goes: People rely on clothing horse saddle. So adults, children too. Imagine dressing up your kids so well that they turned the boy from toad into a frog prince, turning the girl from Cinderella into Snow White. Would not you be more face-tasting? Children will be more confident about it? Do not think children do not understand anything, because you did not enter his pure world. In fact, children are also beautiful, "beauty of the heart, everyone has it," adults and children alike. However, children have their own unique aesthetic taste, parents can not make their own claims, the more 庖 generation 庖 Oh! Crocodile snake brand children's clothing has been shaping the new century children's excellent imagination and expression of their own cultural mission, here are some beautiful pictures! A shawl golden hair, a light blue cover, a black and white pants, a pair of black boots, has a different kind of mature flavor, exudes a touch of style. Dear Girl, what are you looking at when you lean on the tree trunk? A black top hat to cover a golden curly hair, a leopard clothing, Waipi a delicate waistcoat, pedal a pair of black boots, feel good, deep well, mature charming Oh! Dear little girl, do not use this eyes discharge, or a little more stable. A brownish yellow hem with a tousled pleated dress, a pantyhose with leopard dots and a pair of black boots. Hey! Can not say the feeling, a word: cool. Dear little girl, you should not stand here, you should go to the dance floor to find a partner dancing. What is this bizarre coat? Embroidered above what pattern? I really do not understand, and then with a pair of skinny jeans, really is no more than casual it! Dear little girl, I feel you a little "rebellious" Oh! That is the case, then please insert your hand double pocket, quickly move it!嗬! Charlie Chaplin was playing the style, buried his face deep hat, would you shy? A black hat, a white shirt, a black and white V-neck cashmere sweater, a black jacket, a pair of tight jeans, a pair of black leather shoes, this cool enough? Black and white, fake, in the light of a person outside the wall, a person on the wall, which one is the real you? A black hat, a dark blue dress that seems a bit patchwork, unfortunately, the hat to cover your eyes, are you on purpose? Dear Boy, you're a little different, I really can not understand you. A leopard cap, a gaudy underwear, a plain but elegant outer sleeveless gown, wearing a tight-fitting denim shorts, feel good! Dear little girl, your streamlined excuse me, is it going out to step out it?

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