Wear shoes to wear health

"How to keep up with the fashion of the shoes is a technology, and how to wear good, wear health is a kind of knowledge.Buffering pad: All shoes should be placed in the bottom of insole, can help relieve pain.If you have enough Toe bone pain or wearing high heels for a long time to stand, it should be placed in the metatarsal silicone insole, this insole looks like a flat gummy cushion, the commitment to provide a good cushion to absorb the ground Foot shock impact, can be used as a substitute for plant fat loss. To choose the right cushion attention shoes tilt angle: The degree of transition to the slope of your comfort. Should be the gradual transition of the slope steepness, Arch curvature of the arch and high heels to be consistent with high heels for the arch can reduce the high heels caused by foot pain caused by foot bath with hot water: bubble feet with hot water to promote blood circulation around the feet, well relieved The pain does not take too long, 15 minutes.

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