Gao Hucheng: Future cities and trade should handle four relationships

[China Glass Network] A report on the role of cities in trade, given the "World Trade Organization Honor Day" of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in China on the 22nd, gave speculative topics and pragmatic connotations. Gao Hucheng, Vice Minister of Commerce, stressed at the report that the future cities and trade should handle four relationships.

The first is the relationship between cities, trade and global governance. Cities and trade play a similar role in the process of jointly promoting globalization. The world today must continue to improve the rules of the WTO, establish a more equitable structure of benefit-sharing, adhere to transparency and inclusiveness, ensure that the voices of the urban business community and the people from the grassroots level are reflected in multilateral trade decision-making, and promote the multilateral trading system to be more democratic. More efficient and more just and balanced development.

The second is the relationship between cities, trade and sustainable development of green. With the in-depth development of the urbanization process, the pressure on the resources and environment of the city is gradually increasing, and it is necessary to transform into a low-carbon city and sustainable development. The production mode and trade growth mode must be fundamentally changed. Governments at all levels of the city should promote the concept of low-carbon development, adhere to WTO rules, resist trade protectionism, achieve the three-win goal of “development, environment, and trade” and promote green sustainable development.

The third is the relationship between cities, trade and urban and rural development. While promoting the development of urbanization, we must focus on promoting the development of the village, giving play to the radiating role of the city, and commit ourselves to creating employment through the development of domestic trade and foreign trade, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, and benefiting the benefits of trade to the countryside.
The fourth is the relationship between cities, trade and developing countries. China will strengthen exchanges at the international level, especially with developing countries. By strengthening South-South cooperation and promoting common development, we will ensure that while promoting trade liberalization, we will strengthen our development goals and benefit the benefits of trade openness. Citizens, every citizen.

According to Gao Hucheng, the development of urbanization has further enriched the content and form of trade. China's urbanization process is also a process of growing trade. Against the background of globalization and urbanization, Chinese cities face challenges in terms of comprehensive governance and sustainable development.

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