Huiyi HUIBAO "Blue Ocean Strategy" Inspires New Breakthrough in China's Pregnancy Industry

In the maternity dress industry, an industry that has been born with rising living standards is, like other industries, constantly looking for a way to survive in a market competition. When the financial crisis raged around the world, the maternity wear industry, known as the “big belly” economy, bucked the trend and developed rapidly. It seemed to announce to those economists that the financial crisis cannot deprive pregnant women of their right to dress. This is indeed a black humor, but the maternity wear industry does show a lot of interest that many investors are not interested in. Unlike other textile products, maternity wear seems to be a virgin land excavated by the garment industry. Major businesses compete to enter the market, leading to a mixed phenomenon. Especially in the e-commerce field where the threshold is low, it is currently the main battlefield for the second- and third-rate brands to “attack the city”. As the real strength brand of domestic maternity dress, it seems that it is brewing its own strategic plan. It has not been “touching the net” and it cannot be ignored.

As far as the current domestic maternity dress market is concerned, there are less than a dozen companies that have real strength, and these companies formally become the cornerstone of the development of the maternity wear industry in China. Whether it is a physical store or an online store, it is only a channel, but only a marketing topic. What is really placed in front of the company is how to make the products it provides more favored and recognized in the market. Only with good products can there be good performance in these channels, otherwise no matter how good the channels, there is no good The support of the products will also be like the emperor's new clothes, in the process of my intoxication. As far as the current maternity dress market is concerned, most corporate products are old-fashioned and do not pay much attention to the design and development of new products, and only focus on sales. These are the shortcomings for the development of these enterprises. In the market competition, if there are more similar products, the price of the products will be lower, and the bargaining power of enterprises and consumers will also be reduced. Therefore, maternity dress companies should find a suitable path to their own way to go, that is, in this market to find "Blue Ocean", out of the highly competitive "Red Sea." The development of a brand is very important. Without a correct orientation, the market may face many challenges. From the brand strategy to product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, sales strategy, etc., each link determines the success or failure of the company's nerves. We have seen many cases of buoyancy in this market. There are vancles who have shaped miracles, but also can only recall the once brilliant PPG. In the changing era of the apparel industry, how can we survive the tide of the market and need to have its own characteristics? It is already a standard for the existence of a brand. The market needs to be subdivided, so that a new industry for maternity wear has emerged. After this industry is further developed, continuous innovation is required, including innovations from the enterprise to the product. Haier won the applause when it won applause over the problem, and Huawei's product innovation has won the national industry's international honor. In the brand building process, each company should ultimately work hard at the products or services it offers, not the sky garden.

As the first maternity dress brand in the country, Huiyi HUIBAO, after 13 years of independent innovation, has always been adhering to the “professional, dedicated, service and dedication” enterprise pursuit in the business and entertainment industry in Shenzhen. The entrepreneurial spirit of self-improvement, pioneering and innovative, and enterprising spirit has created a good reputation and impressive performance in the industry today. It has also firmly established its brand status in the industry.

Today, Huiyi HUIBAO has become synonymous with domestic high-end maternity dress brands. These cannot but start from the start of the domestic maternity dress market, market segmentation, a clear target group to find their own development positioning, and then from the product development, channel development and other aspects, out of their own development model. Huiyi broke the traditional concept of maternity dress style stereotyped old fashion, the introduction of fashion concepts, to attract the world's top fashion masters to join, led the domestic many outstanding designers team together to form the new product R & D center of Huiyi HUIBAO. For 13 years, Huiyi HUIBAO has always placed the development of new products in an important position. The development speed of Huixin's new products is beyond the reach of other brands in the pregnancy industry. It is precisely in this way that the emergence of new Hui Hui products on the market has led to an upsurge in buying. The concept of pregnant women's fashion has also spread throughout the industry from Huiyi HUIBAO. With the strength of its industry leading brand, Huiyi constantly innovates R&D and invests heavily in functional clothing for pregnant women, focusing on the field of high-end pregnant women radiation protection clothing. In the high-end consumer groups, Huiyi HUIBAO has always been the preferred product. Due to its unique style concept, selected high-quality fabrics, scientific and reasonable ergonomic structures, and superior sewing techniques are the three basic elements of Huiyi products. The design concept of "health, technology, and fashion" runs through the entire brand. The designers of Huiyi use their true feelings to interpret the grace and softness of women who are exclusively women in the East. Huiyi brand won the favor of consumers with its unique style concept of “health, science, and fashion”. Its sales performance is also at the forefront of the industry. It has won several best-selling brand awards such as Tianhong and Maoye. "Best-selling Brand Award" and "Sales of the Year" and many other awards. Among the surveyed consumers, Huiyi’s brand reputation ranks first in domestic maternity dress, becoming the preferred brand for urban white-collar mothers to purchase maternity clothes.

Huishen Maternity Fashion is committed to building a white-collar image of urbanity that is intellectual, elegant, tasteful and confident. Its design inspiration comes from pure and beautiful nature, captures the delicate emotions in real life, and interlaces lightness and agility. The use of fresh and refined colors, accompanied by natural floral elements, makes the product more concise and comfortable. The target consumer group of Huiyi's fashion is 25-35-year-old urban white-collar workers. Over 80% are urban senior white-collar workers, and about 20% are private owners, homemakers, freelancers, and other social women. Most of them have a background in higher education, with a monthly income of more than 3,000 yuan, a high quality of life and a relatively stable source of income. They pursue quality of life and yearn for a happy life. They have a relatively free right to control consumption and autonomy. At the same time, they have a strong sense of autonomy for fashion and beauty, and are self-confident, intellectual, stylish, and independent.

After 13 years of steady development, the Huiyi HUIBAO brand has now laid a solid foundation in the market. To establish a good brand image and reputation, Lai Bo will continue to increase investment and work hard to provide prenatal women in China with new fashion, healthy high quality and new life. Looking into the future, the company will further segment its market and gradually implement its brand diversification development operation strategy. In order to fully expand the market in depth, the company's operations will be dominated by direct sales and supplemented by modern regional agency, franchising, and other cooperative business models, with a purposeful and planned expansion of marketing models and channels, and strive to further international Market convergence.

Through strong market expansion, brand promotion, and terminal management, the market sales of over a hundred Huihui brand counters across the country are impressive. In order to further enhance the brand image, reshape the core values ​​of the brand, and promote the diversification of the brand, Lai Bo headquarters decided that within the next two years, the company will increase investment in brand image construction and promotion, and plan to enrich the market. Operational strategies to further rationalize the expansion of the national target market operation network, and lay a solid foundation for the diversified development of the brand and the development of the international market. As the first maternity dress brand in the country, Hui Qi, while leading the development of domestic maternity dress, is also Actively build world-class maternity dress brands. We believe that as a national brand in the domestic maternity industry, Huiyi HUIBAO will surely occupy a place in the maternity wear industry in the world!

Based on the brand concept of “professionalism, dedication, service and dedication”, Huiyi will provide all-round and maximum mothers with new fashion and care to provide the best quality services and the most excellent products for pregnant women in the world. For the world's pregnant women to provide the most satisfactory products and services, become the world's first-rate pregnant women fashion apparel company. As the originator of the domestic maternity dress industry, Huiyi is obligated to shoulder more responsibilities. In the current chaotic market, how healthy and healthy the domestic maternity dress companies have developed, Huiyi HUIBAO's performance in the market has given us the best answer. That is, the product is the basis of the brand. A hundred-year-old shop is like a millennium old tree. How it exists must be the foundation for its stability! Whether the brand is finally approved or not is ultimately determined by the product. Only by going out of the fiercely competitive Red Sea and finding a Blue Ocean that suits their own development characteristics can an enterprise seize the market faster. Only by understanding this principle, the maternity dress market in our country can truly flourish and thrive!

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