Lilang recruits marketing "child soldiers" to seize the high-end winning apparel market

"This year, Lilang plans to recruit about 5,000 graduates of colleges and universities as a reserve force for marketing," said Xu Shiji, minister of human resources of Lilang (China) Co., Ltd. Behind this huge recruitment plan is Lilang’s large-scale marketing campaign.

Recently, in the square in front of the Lilang Commercial Building, there have been a series of new military training for graduates. Lilang is in the "army". !

"This year, Lilang plans to recruit about 5,000 graduates of colleges and universities as a reserve force for marketing," said Xu Shiji, minister of human resources of Lilang (China) Co., Ltd. Behind this huge recruitment plan is Lilang’s large-scale marketing campaign.

A Lilang executive revealed that “from the low tide of the company's development at the end of the century to the rejuvenation of the business leisure route, the recruitment of franchisees across the country since the beginning of 2002 to the current franchise stores all over the country, Lilang’s marketing network has reached a point where it needs a new round of improvement. ."

Hopes to have a new layout of 500 flagship stores

“This year, we will strive to add 300 to 500 flagship stores and specialty stores to first- and second-tier cities across the country, and they will run directly.” At the end of last month, when the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce visited the delegation, Lilang’s president Wang Liangxing addressed Zhuang Ji and George White. Such as Zhejiang garment counterpart announced.

From the 2002 exhibition at the Beijing International Clothing & Accessories Fair to the recruitment of franchisees to the present, in a few years, Lilang men's clothing sales have doubled 10 times, more than 2000 stores, such as stars, distributed in major Chinese provinces and cities. .

According to an industry source, Lilang's franchised stores in the country are mainly franchisees, and their terminal levels are uneven. "After signing Chen Daoming's success in advertising marketing in 2002, Li Lang began to drive franchisees to develop terminal marketing. In just a few years, franchise stores spread rapidly throughout the country. In the process, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of silos." The source said. At present, some sluggish Lilang single stores have annual sales of as low as 400,000 yuan or less.

It is understood that it is precisely for the rapid roll-out, the need to expand sales, many of the early men's clothing store to most of the refuge easily distributed in the second-tier, third-tier cities, or the edge of the first-tier cities, Li Lang is no exception. Li Lang’s top executives are clearly dissatisfied with this status quo. If the previous implementation of the "rural encirclement of the city" was a roundabout tactic, then after experiencing the initial primitive accumulation, it is now time for Lilang's "City Challenge Battle" horn to sound.

Marketing forces will spread all over the country

On Friday, another group of more than 100 new employees came to Lilang. "As long as it is in line with the company's marketing strategy, there are not many problems for the number of new recruits." Xu Shiji has full confidence in this.

Xu Shiji analyzes, "This new employee will be trained as Lilang's marketing 'partners'."

According to Lilang’s plan and deployment, these newcomers went to the headquarters for military training first, followed by week-to-half months of pre-job training, and then to the flagship stores in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, and Quanzhou for internship for three months, and finally they were assigned to National marketing areas. “We have high hopes for these new generations of talents. They must start with shopping guides and store managers. If they have the ability, they can even act as vice president of the branch.” Xu Shiji said.

However, some people worry that after the reserve of the newcomers, Lilang’s ability to build a nationwide direct flagship store will proceed as scheduled.

"If we can't fully play our role, then raising such a large group of people will be a heavy burden," one Lilang executive said with worries. "The massive development of direct-operated stores requires a lot of determination. Once we need a lot of investment, For example, personnel expenses, shop rent and other expenses; second, franchisees join before, the risks are shared by enterprises and franchisees. Opening a direct-operated store requires the company to bear all risks independently.”

Even if there are risks, the executive said that it is imperative for the company to deploy direct sales stores in first-tier cities nationwide. If Li Lang is still complacent and self-styled, he may be in a more passive situation in the future in the clothing market competition.

To seize the high-end decisive clothing market

“The next three to five years will be the key period for the reshuffle of apparel companies.” Pan Hongyuan of the Quanzhou Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce analysts believes that “Lilang chose to upgrade its marketing network in order to take advantage of this national war situation.”

“Some men’s wear brands in Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places have moved ahead of us in front-line cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and foreign brands are also eyeing the domestic market, and prices are almost the same as domestic men’s wear. If they do not seize the market in the first-tier cities as soon as possible now. Share, improve the quality of the brand, it will be difficult to catch up in the future.” Pan Hongyuan said. He believes that in the next few years, the domestic competition in the men's clothing market will further intensify, and a new round of industry reshuffle is an imminent reality.


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