PARA-Aramid Fiber Roving

Model NO.: XGPAF200
Width: 0.5mm
Function: High Strength Fiber
Structure: Miscellaneous Chain Synthetic
Model: Xgpaf200
Fiber: PARA-Aramid
Density: 1.47g/cm3
Monofilament Linear Density: 1.5D
Filament Linear Density: 200d
Monofilament Diameter: 12micron
Monofilament Number: 134PCS
Tensile Strength: 22g/D-24G/D
Modulus: 80gpa-102gpa
Elongation at Break: 3.0%-3.7%
Trademark: XIANGU
Transport Package: 18kg Per Carton
Specification: ROHS
Origin: Guangdong
HS Code: 54021190
200D para-aramid  fiber roving is a new high-tech synthetic fiber.This fiber has high strength and modulus, strong hydrogen bonding strength,strength up to 20 g/d or more,the strength is 5-6 times of steel wire,modulus is 2-3 times of fiberglass,toughness is 2 times of the steel wire,but the weight is only 1/5 of the steel wire.Continuous using temperature range is extremely wide,long run in the range of -196ºC to 204ºC.No decomposition and melting at 560ºC.Strength can maintain 75% undergo 100 hours at 200ºC.It can resist chemical solvent,acid and alkali,anti-aging,good adhesion to rubber.It is suitable as a reinforcing fiber used in various composite materials,bulletproof products,building materials,special protective clothing,electronics equipment,friction and sealing materials etc.Usually it is used as a protective material,widely used in bullet-proof vests,ballistic helmets,bullet-proof armor,bullet-proof panels.Also as a reinforcing material widely used in rubber,thermoplastics,thermosetting plastics,various high-temperature composite structures,brake pads,clutch linings,friction plate,wear-resistant fillers.
Model: XGPAF200
Fiber type: Para-aramid
Density: 1.47g/cm3
Monofilament linear density: 1.5D
Filament linear density: 200D
Monofilament diameter: 12μm
Monofilament number: 134pcs
Tensile strength: 22g/d-24g/d
Modulus: 80GPa-102GPa
Elongation at break: 3.%-3.7%

1.bulletproof products:Kevlar metal bulletproof armor plate,Kevlar ceramic armor plates, bulletproof vest, body armor.
2.Automotive components:radial tires,fenders,bumpers,gaskets,brakes,clutch,shock absorption buffer,damping buffer,hose.
3.protective Clothing: spacesuit,atomic energy industry protective clothing,fire protection uniforms and fire overalls.
4.The heat-resistant products:reinforced rubber conveyor belts,high temperature filters,high temperature gas filter bags,high-temperature mechanical and electrical insulating materials.
5.Rope Products:parachute rope,offshore oilfield support rope,large vessels cable .
6.Building Components:Enhanced pier construction,large-scale floating body build,oil well platform.
7.High Voltage Products:High-pressure gas bottles,gas bottles,oxygen bottles,gas bottles.
8.Sports equipment:boxing gloves,hiking footwear,racing vehicle body,horse racing helmets, tennis rackets,skis,ski poles, bow and arrow,fishing rods,kite skeleton,golf club.
The 200D para-aramid  fiber roving should be keep dry in their original bags and stored in a suitable place,preferably at room temperature with 35-65% relative humidity.Avoid the sun, rain and fire

1.Bobbin with film,Net weight:2.00kg,gross weight:2.30kg
2.Carton size:50*50*31cm,9bobbin/CTN.N.W:18.00kg.G.W.:25.00kg

1.Shipment by sea:for sea transportation,generally 20 pallets(each 216kg.two layers)be loaded into 20 feet net weight is 4.32metric tons.
2.transportation by truck:for truck transportation,generally loading in buck with 6 layers,about 5.17metric tons
3.transportation by rail:for rail transportation,generally loading in buck,about 11.52metric tons.

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