PARA-Aramid Pulp for Brake Pads

Model NO.: XGJP1201
Width: 1.2D
Function: High Strength Fiber
Structure: Miscellaneous Chain Synthetic
Model: Xgjp1201
Colors: Yellowish
Fiber: PARA-Aramid
Density: 1.47g/cm3
P-Aramid Content: 100%
Average Fiber Length: 0.8mm
Specific Surface: (5.00-10.00)M2/G
Static Voltage: (-1.00-0)Kv
Schopper-Riegler Value: (30.0-35.0).Sr
Moisture: <0.2%
Trademark: XIANGU
Transport Package: 5kg Per Bag
Specification: ROHS
Origin: Guangdong
HS Code: 54021190
para-aramid pulp for brake pads was made of P-aramid fiber by surface fibrillation treatment.It has a larger surface area,its unique surface structure greatly improved in grip of the mixture, this fiber has high strength and modulus,strong hydrogen bonding strength,chemical solvent resistance,anti-acid and alkali, anti-aging,good adhesion with rubber,therefore it is a suitable reinforcing fiber applied to friction and sealing products.Usually it is used as a reinforcing material,widely used in rubber, thermoplastics,thermosetting plastics,various high-temperature composite structures, brake pads, clutch linings,friction belt,wear-resistant filler,gaskets, slot insulation, phase barrier insulation, interturn insulation and so on. It can also be used wet paper making or other synthetic insulating paper.
Model: XGJP1201
Color: yellowish
Fiber type: Para-aramid
Content of P-fiber: 100%
Average fiber length: 0.8mm
Specific surface: (5.00-10.00)m2/g
Static voltage: (-1.00-0)kv
Schopper-riegler value: (30.0-35.0).SR
Moisture: <0.2%

1.Engineering Plastics,thermosetting resin,friction materials, automotive brakes,composite materials and Kevlar reinforced paper. 
2.reinforcing materials,construction,rubber,reinforced cable,cable and other high-intensity rope.
3.composite material with resin or rubber,can significantly reduce the weight,increase loading weight,suitable for the production of aerospace equipment,high-speed trains and yachts shell.
4.Friction and sealing materials,friction materials reinforced fiber, significantly improved wear resistance,suitable for high temperature conditions.
The para-aramid pulp for brake pads should be keep dry in their original bags and stored in a suitable place,preferably at room temperature with 35-65% relative humidity.Avoid the sun, rain and fire

1.Inner black plastic film bags,net weight 5.00kg.gross weight 5.20kg
2.Bag size:43*36*28cm,net weight 120.00kg.gross weight 150.00kg.

1.Shipment by sea:for sea transportation,generally 20 pallets(each 180kg.two layers)be loaded into 20 feet net weight is 2400kg.
2.transportation by truck:for truck transportation,generally loading in buck with 7layers,about 3120kg
3.transportation by rail:for rail transportation,generally loading in buck,about 6720kg.

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