Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Jingxi Di Diou store in Guangxi

Warm congratulations on the " Di Di Ou " settled in Jingxi Fortune Plaza, I wish you the best of luck, wealth, Di Diou, love women, more love fashion. Choice Di Diou is the road to success of your wealth. Choose to join the family of Dietrich! We wait for you. Hand in hand to create beautiful new fashion!

迪笛欧 - DIDIOU

Our values: highlighting the fashion charm for women, for customers to improve corporate image, seek maximum value for employees, improve the appearance of clothing for humanity!


Our mission: Let more and more women around the world more eye-catching personality charm and workplace style!


Our vision: Let Di Diou brand women 's fashion world to a real wardrobe!


Opening full staff, try on non-stop, buy like a stream!


Di Diou - love a woman, more love fashion

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