Nude color series timeless new leagel case brand release new season

This season, the “leagel case” brand women did not choose too much exaggerated colors or styles to express themselves. Instead, they chose to use the classic nude color series to express their own charm. The high quality of the ready-to-wear garments has enabled the women's grades to be upgraded again, showing that they will not lose the international big name.

裸色系列历久弥新 leagel例格品牌发布本季新款(图1)

That simple feeling is undoubtedly the most moving and full of the able beauty that urban women value.

裸色系列历久弥新 leagel例格品牌发布本季新款(图2)

The airy loose design and fringe elements are used very well by the “leagel case” brand women this season to make women's body lines more perfect.

裸色系列历久弥新 leagel例格品牌发布本季新款(图3)

The lines stretch perfectly, and the edging design makes the garment look more rounded. At the same time, the short and long design of the front and back is to make the clothing give birth to a meticulous fashion taste. Only the unknown is more charming.

裸色系列历久弥新 leagel例格品牌发布本季新款(图4)

The long fringe shawl with a sense of design is a must-have for winter women to participate in the banquet. The fringe's hem is full of hanging and the hat makes the back look no longer monotonous. With a small evening dress or small black dress is the same style and temperature coexist.

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