"Girlfriend" July 31 release starring girlfriends who is what type of look good

July 31 "girlfriends" by director Barbara Chen Yichang, Fiona Sit, Vanness Wu starring appearances. "In my life, you have not farewell or have never been away from" such a theme will arouse people's sympathy. Girlfriends together must cherish the good youth and time. Select a few sets of girlfriends installed common in the streets, as the people's eyes and good girlfriends.

依歌 - YEEGO

Candy color for all types of girls, youthful and beautiful colors, there is no reason to refuse. Slim dress on the left version of the type, lotus leaf decorated with a small incense shoulder, rounded round neck, outline the charming clavicle. White belt outline slender waist. The same high-waist Slim self-cultivation, sleeveless version of the shape of girls unparalleled temperament.

《闺蜜》7月31上映 主演是谁 闺蜜装什么款式好看

Rouge pink dress v-collar, simple sleeveless models, very effective reduction of the skin. Outline waist slender slim. Pleated layers of pendulum, it is generous appearance. Thin waist t-shirt on the right version of the type, playful clothes pendulum, very lovable. With the white shorts, elongated leg curve, very charming. Put on such a girlfriend, together to a co-production, leaving you the most beautiful.

Pictures from: song by women

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