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Similar to the womenswear market, the domestic shoe market presents a different proportion of the pyramid capacity trend as the social structure changes, rather than the "winner-take-all" trend, with obvious market segmentation. As long as the brand grasps one of the pyramid structures Links to the actual needs of the target consumer groups, they will be able to occupy a place in the market. With the changes in the overall domestic consumption environment for women, the relatively mature mid-to-high-end women's footwear market represented by Belle, Tian MeiYi, He She, and Staccato has shrunk overall in recent years. A large number of women's shoes consumers have collectively turned to high-quality mass- Shoes brand, and this part of the group has a good brand awareness, the brand monopoly sales environment, product image, product quality and higher demand, fashion trendy fast fashion brand has become their preferred choice of women's shoes. The brand image of Yimansha According to the market orientation of the mass consumer groups, the YiMansha women's shoes are aimed at the urban young generation of white-collar workers who are rapidly upgrading and replacing the "fast fashion" business model in line with the current trend of fashion consumption, with obvious China Local characteristics, the integration of domestic resources advantages of women's shoes, greatly reducing the product development to market time cycle, with a flexible sales pace, greatly reducing the length of the research and development cycle, the product market lags behind the pressure of bulk inventory, Survival risks, can respond quickly to market competition in the rapid transformation of the wave of shoes market has obvious advantages. It is understood that the brand is the Italian-style men's Italian fast-fashion brand, from the Italian fashion design concept, promote the "concise" product experience. The brand to meet the young urban women at any time to switch between different occasions, the demand for fast fashion lifestyle, the passion, romance, classical, sophisticated traditional Italian style, with more stylish and simple, distinctive design presented to consumers, with urban fashion , Professional white-collar workers, casual life, the princess and many other series of "concise style" products. Its monopoly image of unique brand culture, full of Italian-style simple European home improvement props, fast fashion shoes, bags, belts, scarves and other accessories readily available to consumers to provide quality "one-stop" terminal consumption Experience. At present, the brand of Yimansha is joining the recruitment agencies of the whole country, soliciting marketing partners who start their own businesses and providing professional design and decoration of franchise stores, shop guide of franchise stores, opening of new stores Shop planning, holiday promotion program gift support, standardize the mature customer management system import, terminal training and other open one-stop shop service, system marketing team continued to help franchisees to enhance performance. Address: Sanzhou Building, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, 7th Floor, Service Hotline:, joining Hotline:.

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