Brand Danby slave 2014 spring and summer magazine - Fashion Bloom

Plumeria flowers: give birth to hope, revival, newborn. Its flowering is from May to October, it has no mysterious legend, no elegant temperament, elegant appearance, has a very simple appearance - with five petals composed of a fresh, full of hope of the flowers, simple and ordinary Like life. Following Austria, London, the brand Danby slave girl came to Bali, retrieve the rhythm of life, blooming charm.

After DAMBOLO planning department has been working day by day, this issue of Danibianu fashion magazine in a new image appeared in front of everyone, a change in intellectual literature and art past, with a sumptuous summer style gorgeous debut, so you in the process of reading, The mood will become clear. Danubi brand always has the infinite possibilities, always give people the expectation of the above surprise.

After the revision of "DAMBOLO fashion" more emphasis on the transmission of tidal current information and practicality. Not only open up the popular broadcast section, so that readers can know for the first time in the end is what kind of fashion elements are standing at the top of the trend, but also give thoughtful suggestions, allowing you to easily take the fashion show range children.

Brand Danby slave Xiao Bian is offering a very appreciation of the desire list, with the brand's five series of Danny slave perfect reproduction magic magic, to help you achieve a new summer image.

In keeping with the trend, DAMBOLO also noticed the importance of universal knowledge. Open literacy class display, and synchronously updated to the brand "D College" of Danubian, hoping to share information and knowledge with more partners.


More exciting, more information, please enter the official website of Danubi → click the navigation column [Magazine] to download and enjoy.

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