Short MM foot effort thick canvas shoes comfort increased

Ben Wang, May 23 hearing, thick-soled shoes recently have a big trend, last year was the first wave of tidal mother Xu Hao shoes on the microblogging display, followed by Fan Bingbing and other actresses are following suit, recently, South Korean women Star Boa again wears her. Compared to the crumbling high-heeled wine bottle bottoms, the platform shoes not only mentally give women the imperceptible superiority, but also take into account the comfort of their walking. It is a NO.1 choice for everyday casual wear.

Hierarchical collocation is an important collocation rule that is high and thin. Simple jeans T + jacket + leggings + thick canvas shoes, with a very simple, details determine the success or failure. Wearing a denim jacket outside a white T-shirt, the sense of depth but no sense of heavyness. Short jacket selection, so that the upper body instantly reduced the proportion. Tight leggings highlight the leg lines, thick-soled canvas shoes, and further stretch the legs.

Zhou Xun appeared at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Continuing her image of a black-rimmed student girl, she wears a black t-shirt with a nude neck T-shirt. She chooses a bright blue t-rimmed pencil trousers and a stepped Whisen platform with a lace-up shoe. Influx of people details.

A handsome and playful outfit Bai Zhi is very eye-catching. The fluorescent pink jacket is accompanied by a flat-top straw hat, and the denim hot pants on the lower body are more slender. Black platform shoes secretly add a lot of points for height.

Fan Xiaolu dressed in white thick-soled sneakers with color leggings and simple briefs and short jacket. Thick soles immediately made her taller.

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