Consumers need to have a more professional understanding of buying colored stones

Nowadays, the jewellery consumption boom has arisen, and colored gemstones are in the limelight. What is not known to ordinary consumers is that some jewellery and jade have undergone professional heat treatment and dyeing methods, and their price is far from the true value.

When Ms. Fan went to Southeast Asia to spend thousands of dollars to buy a sapphire ring, friends who have recently understood jewelry, the gems may have been treated. This rough stone produced in Sri Lanka is not a translucent, milky white, lustrous corundum. It is not a gemstone grade. It is close to the transparent blue gemstone when heated by high temperature. The industry evaluates its actual price as only one-tenth of the purchase price.

The reporter unannounced visits to the market. Some of the smaller jewellery and jade shops learned that the heat-treated colored gems sold by the merchants accounted for a high proportion. Some faint, low-value gemstones are also dyed. Under the magnifying glass, it can be seen by the naked eye that such gemstones are usually loose in structure and the dye remains in the pores. The insiders privately revealed that a considerable proportion of the amethysts that sell well are "transformed" by some kind of smoke crystal heat treatment. In addition, in addition to the jade dyeing that people usually know, the staining of coral, amber, chalcedony, crystal, hibiscus, opal, turquoise, and pearls is also increasing. Some of the poor quality jade has been dyed and the price has risen sharply.

According to the professionals of the Jewelry and Jade Association, the share of Caibao in the overall market of gold and jewelry continues to expand. In 2014, the price of Caibao increased by about 30%. The next few years will still be the big development period of colored jewellery. Driven by the interests, a variety of jewels that have been "made" at home and abroad have emerged in an endless stream. In particular, the colored gems that have been heat-treated and dyed have become more and more popular.

When consumers buy jewelry, they should not only stay in the understanding of the name, price, etc. of the jewelry, but also need a more professional understanding. It is recommended that people buy jewelry with a certificate of identification from a well-known brand merchant, and also know the professional knowledge of the certificate.

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