Small jeans with what clothes

Pants pants more significant figure, but now fewer and fewer people choose jeans, and fewer in autumn and winter, autumn and winter, like to wear black pants is more skinny, there is the dress skirt style, earthwork women's feet with jeans , Let you regain the enthusiasm of the cowboy, classic denim wear is absolutely wild, autumn and winter jeans can also be very stylish.

地素 - dazzle

Gentlewoman with feet jeans, light-colored feet jeans pants style was thin was tall, with a striped jumper, so that is very significant youthful vitality, but also very temperament, long hair beauty can wear very casual Oh, no loss of femininity.


The simpler the jeans the better, simple jeans can be used with the jacket, autumn and winter jeans coupled with cotton, it is absolutely the style jacket, etc., if the weather is not very cold, but also can be a long T-shirt, simple dress to show Fashion sense, autumn and winter is to take the inside and jacket are the same eye-catching, so that is both inside and outside are repaired.

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