Love the new product - Ambilight waiting for the arrival of love

Some people say that a woman's book of beauty needs to be stopped, turned page by page, patiently excavated and slowly aftertaste; some people say that the beauty of a woman's painting looks vivid at first glance, but the implication therein is not Everyone can interpret; others say that the woman's beauty is like water, quiet and soft, slowly flowing; but small Mo to say, the woman's beauty is like light - colorful dazzling, but mysterious; across the dark night sky , Light his heart, guide his direction.

Woman's beauty, just as Ambilight. Here's a quick little to recommend Mu love the new - bright colors, so that the MM shine bright, colorful, show their best side.

爱慕 - Aimer

Slim, but the curve is not very prominent MM blessed it! Xiao Mu recommended 3/4 plus thick mold cup bra, plus thick soft mold cup, the effect is very prominent, wear out confidence, wear out tall and straight. Side wider than the effective collection of underarm excess fat, so tall and bright stature. Deep V shape, enjoy the beauty of a woman's chest curve. Another 3/4 non-woven bra with comfortable cotton, non-woven material, comfortable and breathable, fresh and natural. With the bra 1 to 1 configuration Camry pad, according to their own chest and wearing easy access, ready to shape the perfect chest.窈 窕 curve, gorgeous posture, the best of their own, to show him the best.

爱慕的新品——流光溢彩 静候爱的到来

There are also special recommendations - sexy and charming silk sling. Silk sling with three-dimensional cup, wearing comfortable and comfortable to show sexy stature. The whole sling with silk material, silky soft, comfortable and personal, can enjoy the beauty of female beauty. Wearing a generous, soft and graceful, so that you do the home of "little princess" and enjoy his most gentle love.

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